Today In Rotary

CarlMarch 4, 2015

Congratulations to Carl-Today he stopped in and thanked us for supporting his work with Children over the years with the Motorcycle Santa Project.  Friday will be his last day on the force.  Shaler has been fortunate to have Carl working for the community as an officer all these years!!!  After Easter and the Pirogue business slows down to a reasonable pace we will be seeing more of Carl again.

Tom reminded us today that Meals on Wheels is going well but new volunteers are always welcome. Please talk to Tom if you can lend a hand to this great project.

Tuesday night Clint and Matt went to the VFW and secured $1,000.00 for the Track Chair Project. Thanks for taking the time to attend the meeting and making the pitch for this great cause.  It is particular special for project for the Shaler Rotary in light of all the veterans we have as active and past members.  Clint and Matt are also networking to try and locate a veteran within our community to receive the Track Chair. Thanks Clint and Matt!!!!

There was additional discussion about ways to engage the community with the Track Chair Project and combining the project with our Golf Outing. Alex is going to check with the township about getting a sign with both the Golf Outing and Track Chair information to raise awareness about Shaler Rotary and the two fundraising projects. Nora will reach out to Ward about getting the art files for creating the marketing material. Dave is underwriting the sign cost.

We also discussed getting checks for our speakers in a timely and organized manner.  Nora is working with the board to find a workable solution but we are still looking for someone to be the Speaker Chairman.  Please consider volunteering for this position.

Nora reported on attending PETs last weekend.  She pledged $1,500 for the Rotary Foundation was actually a goal that John suggested to the club in October. This pledge will put our club back in good standing and allow us to apply for both District and Global grants.  This pledge is due by June 1, 2015.  The application for the District Grant is August 10, 2015.  Nora also pledged $500 for the Rotary Polio Fund and that pledge has been fulfilled by a member but any additional contributions are always helpful. Nora also reported that her club goal for the presidency is to complete and receive a District Grant from the Rotary Foundation for a project to be determined but potentially a local Backpack Project and in the next two years complete and receive a Global Grant from the Rotary Foundation for a project to be determined.

Joe Valorie, the new manager of the Shaler First Commonwealth Bank Branch attended his first meeting.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Joe.  We hope to see him again soon!

Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!