April 15th Rotary Meeting with Governor DG Herm Dieckmann

Governor DG Herm Dieckmann was our guest today and VP Clint Cable ran the meeting.

Herm discussed the polio campaign.  $38,500 was raised through rotary and then that will be tripled by the Gates Foundation for a total of $115,500.  That will provide 420,000 vaccinations!!

Herm also reported that one trac chair has been donated with another one expected by the 20th of April.  Herm’s initiative has already raised $60,000 and they should be getting another $30,000 from Rotary International! They are in the process of identifying good candidates for the chairs.  Shaler Rotary presented him with our goal and our desire that a chair be presented to a North Hills or North Pittsburgh recipient.

Clint is buttoning down details for the Frank N Steins Band Benefit concert.  We are shooting for early June for this event.  The inside of the bar has been remodeled but the owner and they are starting to rehab the exterior now that the weather is cooperating.

We are collecting bottles of wine and other basket items for the Golf Outing.  Tom will take them to Rose for assemble.

We are collecting shoes for Nicaragua and Clint’s office is the collection point.  We have about 50 shoes to date.

Seen at today’s meeting were DG Herm Dieckmann, Ward Gardner, Clint, Matt, Tom B., Vince, Carl, Perry, Joe Valorie, and Jack.