Members Of The Shaler Area Rotary

Our Current List of Members:

Ken Batko, Tom Bielski, Art Bittner,Greg Bittner, Larry Bock, Richard Bruckman, Clinton Cable, Nuket Curran,Chester Dodson, Dave Fitzsimmons, Etna Borough Council, Dave Florijan, Carl Funtal, Joe Gallagher,  Erik Germesin, Scott Gettings,Beth Hastings,  Alex Kline, Ashley Kosky, Mark Mendicino, Rose Mitsch, Tom Montgomery,  Bob Neely, Vince Pascoe, Arnie Peace, Nora Peace, Perry Rees, Eric Rhoads, Matt Schlegel, Daniel Smail,  & Jack Winschel.

The members of the Shaler Area Rotary are Business Members, residents of Shaler and people who care about helping the Community when called upon. Some of the many projects the Shaler Area Rotary have  helped in were the Etna Flood disaster.  The Shaler Area Rotary provided $25,000. to help those in need replace household appliances and other needed items.  The Shaler Rotary donated a $15,000 TracFab  all-terrain wheelchair to a local veteran. The Shaler Area Rotary provided a  jaws of life to the Volunteer Fire Department,  Scholarships to our students,  food bank assistance, we deliver meals on wheels,  and provide  Holiday dinners to those in need are just part of a list of Community projects completed by the Shaler Area Rotary.

Matt Schlegel

Vice President

Alex Kline

Public Relations Director

Tom Bielski

Sergeant at Arms

Ashley Kosky


Clinton Cable


Nora Peace